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3 Things You Need To Do When You Visit Ocala

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

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Three Things to Do in Ocala

Although Ocala might not be as popular with tourists as some other large cities in Florida, there are many activities. Check out these three things to do in Ocala and start exploring the area.

1. Sholom Park

This privately-owned park is 44 acres of greenery. It’s a botanical garden that features about two miles of trails. As you walk the grounds, you can see over 100 different species of plants and trees. You might find a new favorite flower or see a tree you’ve never seen before. The grounds are quiet and serene.

2. The Gypsy Gold Farm

If you love horses, you should head to the Gypsy Gold Farm. This is one of the things to do in Ocala that can make memories. The farm is home to a unique breed of horse known as the Gypsy Vanner horse. To date, there are only 6,000 of these animals. The farm has the first 16 horses to ever be registered.

This facility is on 40 acres. When you visit, you can learn more about the people that first envisioned Vanner horses. A farm tour takes about two hours and is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

3. Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing

Whether or not you’re a fan of drag racing, you can enjoy this museum. You get to learn about the history of drag racing. Additionally, you can see some amazing models of vehicles. Many people spend hours inside the museum.

Looking for Things to Do in Ocala?

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