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Attractions in Ocala: The Silver River Museum

There’s a lot to be learned about Ocala and the Silver Spring River State Park. While you’re in town, you can learn more about the area by visiting the Silver River Museum. Find out what the museum has to offer and why you should take the time to visit it.

What is the Silver River Museum?

The Silver River Museum is a museum and environmental education center run by the Marion County Public Schools. Located inside Silver Springs State Park, the museum should be your first stop before checking out the many trails within the park.

While inside the museum, you can learn information about the area’s animals, history, and geology. There are several exhibits on display as well as a Florida Cracker Homestead. As you walk around the museum, you can find fossil displays, a large skeleton of a mammoth, and a dugout canoe made by ancient Native Americans. There are also historical narratives that inform you about life in the area centuries ago.

The museum is open on weekends and on most holidays of the year. If you’re interested in visiting, be sure to do so between 10am and 4pm. On the weekdays, you the museum is closed to the public

To enter the establishment, you need to pay an admission fee of $2.00 per person. Children under six can enter at no charge. The fee is in addition to the entrance fee required to enter Silver Springs State Park.

Your Hotel in Ocala

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