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Famous People in Ocala: A Day to Remember

Famous People in Ocala: A Day to Remember

Ocala isn’t well-known for its celebrity presence. But there are famous people in Ocala, like a Day to Remember. They are a popular pop-punk and metal band. People throughout the country know of A Day to Remember, and many of their fans are well-aware of their origins in Ocala.

Who Are They?

Years ago, A Day to Remember was a garage band in Ocala. Before they were famous, they practiced their music in Ocala. Often, they had to deal with noise complaints. They encountered their challenges, but stuck together and burst out into the music scene. After some time, they started to break out and gain popularity throughout the country.

While their music was lively, their shows were even more exciting. They were known to have confetti drums and great moshpits. To this day, they still perform action-packed shows in front of audiences throughout the country.

One of their songs is titled, “City of Ocala”. The city shaped them and their music. Therefore, the band often speaks of its origins. In fact, the band is so vocal about their love for Ocala that they received a special award.

During March of 2017, the mayor of Ocala issued the members of the band keys to the city. After the ceremony, they played their music in front of a large audience.

See Why Ocala is So Special

Although there might not be many famous people in Ocala, the city is still a very special place. Stay with us at the Eqqus Inn and learn more.

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