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Fine Dining Restaurants in Ocala

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Fine Dining

Fine Dining Restaurants in Ocala

Many people go to Ocala for the access to the outdoors. But that doesn’t mean the city has no culture or style. There are many places you can go for an elegant evening on the town. In fact, there are several restaurants in the city that offer fine dining experiences. Find out where you can go for fine dining restaurants in Ocala.

1. La Cuisine French Restaurant

In the heart of Ocala, you can find La Cuisine. This French restaurant is known for its impressive menu, excellent service, and classy atmosphere. While you’re there, you will feel as if you’re in a French Bistro. The chefs use traditional French methods to create appealing dishes you can’t find anywhere else in Ocala.

2. Mesa de Notte

There’s something comforting yet elegant about Italian cuisine. At Mesa de Notte, you can get the full Italian dining experience. This classy establishment might not be 100% traditional, but it is delicious. You can find interesting twists on classic Italian dishes. In addition to tasting delicious, the dishes also have beautiful plating.

3. Mark's Prime Steakhouse and Seafood

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a good steak. But Mark’s Prime Steakhouse and Seafood doesn’t think you should settle for a mediocre meal. The steakhouse serves up fresh and tasty beef, but doesn’t stop there. They also have freshly caught seafood, and vegetables that taste like they came from the garden. Furthermore, the atmosphere is ideal for a lovely evening.

If you plan on visiting Ocala, check out one of the restaurants above. Call us at the Equus Inn to book your hotel.

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