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Fun Outdoor Activities in Ocala, FL: Coehadjoe Park


Fun Outdoor Activities in Ocala, FL: Coehadjoe Park

There are tons of fun outdoor activities in Ocala, FL. Although many people like to explore areas such as Silver Springs and Ocala National Park, there are other ways to enjoy the outdoors. One of those ways is to visit Coehadjoe Park.

The History of the Park

Ocala is rich with history, and Coehadjoe Park is no exception. The park is named for a Seminole Chief who ruled the area in 1820. Named King Coe Hadjo, the village leader’s land was located to the west of Indian Prairie and north of Anthony-Burbank Road.

In the area, there were about 450 Seminole Indians. They lived off the land and had an on-site Indian burial ground. There were many structures in the area, and the history lives on today.

Today, Coehadjoe Park is a place for education and fun. There is a learning trail that allows you to explore some of the history of the area. Additionally, there are some other walking trails. For the kids, there is a nature-inspired play area. The sports-minded can enjoy tennis or a game of pickleball. There’s also a basketball court and volleyball court.

To complete your day at the park, you can have a picnic. There are covered picnic tables free for your use. If you want to have a gathering, you can rent a large pavilion.

Enjoying Fun Outdoor Activities in Ocala, FL

If you want to check out some wildlife without leaving the heart of Ocala, you can check out Coehadjoe Park. But there are many other fun activities waiting for you. Contact us at the Eqqus Inn and book your room today.

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