• Dani Gallagher

How Does Hiking in Ocala Compare with Other Places?

Ocala Trail

If you plan on doing some hiking in Ocala, there are a few things you should know. Hiking in the area is much different than hiking in other parts of the country. Find out a few things you should realize about enjoying the outdoors in central Florida.

1. Don’t Expect too Many Hills

If you go hiking in the north or the west of the country, you’ll encounter many hills and mountains. But central Florida does not have any areas of high elevations. When you go hiking, you won’t be challenged by steep terrain. However, you will be challenged by other obstacles, namely tree roots and mud.

2. There is Some Dangerous Wildlife

While Florida isn’t known for its deadly wildlife, there are a few animals you need to be wary of. For instance, black bears and wild hogs roam the untouched forests. You also need to be careful when approaching wetlands, as there may be alligators waiting in the water. Other dangers include venomous snakes. While most of the dangerous animals will leave you alone, you should still have your wits about you.

3. There’s Plenty to See in the Sky

One of the highlights of hiking in Ocala is bird watching. If you spend a few minutes watching the sky, you can see several species of birds. For help identifying them, carry a bird identification book.

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