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Kids Attractions in Ocala: Petting Zoo Ocala

Kids Attractions in Ocala: Petting Zoo Ocala

Do you need some family fun for your Ocala vacation? If so, you should visit the Petting Zoo Ocala. It’s one of the kids attractions in Ocala that can be fun for the whole family. Learn more about the petting zoo and why you might enjoy a few hours there.

Person Petting A Goat
Petting Zoo Ocala

As you might expect, the Petting Zoo Ocala is in fact a petting zoo. But it’s not your average petting zoo. The attraction has your typical farm animals as well as some more exotic species. There are camels, llamas, monkeys, goats, and many other animals. As you walk through, you can meet and greet a variety of unique species.

You can also get some extra interaction with the ponies and camels. If your child wants to ride a camel or pony, they can. They can also enjoy a train ride.

If you want to extend your stay, you can bring a picnic lunch. With a covered picnic area available, this attraction lets you enjoy an al-fresco lunch while you’re surrounded by nature.

The History of the Petting Zoo

This is one petting zoo that puts the animals first. In fact, the reason the owners created their business is their love for the animals. They rescued most of their inhabitants and care for them with passion. Due to about 40 years of experience working with animals, the owners know what it takes to run a well-cared for facility.

The zoo is an affordable attraction. If you’re looking to save money and enjoy your vacation in other ways, you should contact us at the Eqqus Inn. Book a room today.

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