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Ocala Events: Night Swim by Derek Grimsely

If y

ou want to view unique art in Ocala, you’re in luck. The Brick City Center for the Arts will be the home for a local artist’s work throughout December. Between December 6th and December 28th, you can visit the venue to see the Night Swim exhibition by Derek Grimsely.

About the Artist

Derek Grimsely is an Ocala artist who has created a series of paintings that looks at how light and color changes after the sun sets. Although the sun may be down, there’s still a world of color remaining to be seen. In this exhibition, he shows everything from the hectic nights in New York to a memorable evening of fireworks at Magic Kingdom. You get to explore colors and light in ways that you don’t usually see.

Originally, Grimsely was born in Lakeland but moved to Ocala when he turned 12. After joining the West Port High School Visual Arts Program, Grimsely was mentored by local artist Nina Lovell. He developed a passion for drawing and turned that passion into a career. Most of Grimsely works come from within, but he does also do commissioned work. Currently, he lives in Orlando.

The Brick City Center for the Arts has featured many incredible artists, and Derek Grimsely is no exception. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by the venue and view the artwork.

Where to Stay in Ocala

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