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Ocala Events You Need To Attend : The VegFest

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Person Holding Veggies

This March, one of the Ocala events will be highlighting a unique lifestyle that involves tasty cuisine. The Ocala VegFest will take place in Ocala, bringing some insight into the vegan diet. Whether you are an avid vegan or just like learning about healthy and delicious food, you can enjoy the event.

About the Ocala VegFest

The Ocala VegFest is a vegan festival that kicks off on March 8th. Located in the Ocala Downtown Market, the event begins at 10am and comes to an end at 3pm.

At the event, there will be vendors selling vegan products as well as exhibits explaining more about the vegan lifestyle. You might be surprised at the variety of food you can find that complies with the vegan diet. In addition to learning about how you can make healthier lifestyle decisions, the event will help you make a smaller negative impact on the environment. The goal is for the event to be a zero waste event.

That said, this event is about more than just food. If you attend, you can test drive an electric vehicle. The test drive is part of a tour known as the “Driving on Sunshine” electric vehicle roadshow. There will also be live music at the event. Treblehawk, a well-known tribal blues band, will be performing their most popular songs.

Ocala Hotels

Before you plan on attending the VegFest, look into staying in one of the Ocala hotels. Call us at the Equus Inn and book your room today.

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