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Ocala Parks: Scott Springs Park


Ocala Parks: Scott Springs Park

There are some great Ocala parks. While some are the typical park you might expect to find in any city, others are a little more exciting. Scott Springs is one such park; it’s not your average city park. Find out why it’s so unique.

About Scott Springs

Although you usually don’t go behind a Walmart and expect to find good things, Ocala could surprise you. Scott Springs Park is located behind Walmart and Aldi’s shopping center. It’s an oasis right in the center of the city.

At first look, Scott Springs might not seem like much. There is a green space for kids to run around and a path for people to walk their dogs. Years ago, it wasn’t the nicest place. But after some changes, the park deserves a closer look.

Today, the park has a new playground. It’s 22 acres, and the park could expand in the near future. There’s a path that takes you to a grotto. At the end of it, there’s a wood deck that shows you a beautiful view of a cave and springs.

There’s also a bike obstacle course trail. You can test out your mountain biking skills as you ride the coarse. Or, take the kids to the new playground. Then, enjoy a picnic in the grass or at a table. Public toilets are available for the whole family.

Are You Visiting Ocala?

If you’re visiting Ocala, you should be sure to check out some of the Ocala parks. Contact us at the Equus Inn and find out more about our hotel.

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