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Six Must Attend Festivals Near Ocala, FL

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Overhead Holiday Festival

Festivals Near Ocala

People travel to Ocala for many reasons. One of those reasons is the ability to attend the multiple festivals near Ocala. Learn more about these annual festivals and find out which one you should attend.

Ocala Arts Festival

For decades, this festival has been showcasing the great culture of Ocala. When you attend this event, you can browse artwork and crafts from many local artists.

Southeastern Youth Fair

At this fair, you students participate in a rodeo, display livestock, and much more. You can also enjoy food vendors and live entertainment. The festival takes place at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion.

Live Oak International

If you love horses, you’ll love this festival. The equestrian showcase brings fans from all over the world.

Winter Carnival

Although the Winter Carnival is a school fundraiser, it’s still worth attending. The fundraiser takes place at the Trinity Catholic High School.

Silver River Knap-In

At the Knap-In, you can learn about making tools and prehistoric artwork. Located in Silver Springs State Park and at the Silver River Museum, the event celebrates history and keeps it living on.

Master Gardeners’ Spring Festival

Like some of the other great local festivals, this one takes place at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. It is the largest gardening expo and plant sale in Ocala.

Making the Most of Festivals Near Ocala

You can head to Ocala any time of year and enjoy a festival. Whether you want to explore the culture of the area or do some gardening, there’s something for you. Contact us at the Eqqus Inn and book your hotel in Ocala today.

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