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Visit Ocala and See the Horse Capital of the World

People on Horses Lauren Tijaden for Visit Florida
Lauren Tijaden for Visit Florida

If you love horses, you may have heard of Ocala. The rural city is known by many as the Horse Capital of the World. When you visit Ocala, you can see why it’s earned the name.

What Makes Ocala the Horse Capital

As you approach Ocala, you’ll come across miles of green pastures and fenced-in property. The area around the city is full of barns, farms, and horses. In fact, Marion County has over 600 thoroughbred farms.

One of the most impressive horse farms is the Florida Horse Park. This facility is 500 acres large and is the training grounds for the US equestrian team. Throughout the year, the facility is the venue for national equine events and training. Some of their competitions are at the Olympic level. Depending on the event, you can see dressage, polo, and other forms of the sport.

Because the facility is located on limestone, bad weather doesn’t keep events from happening. If it rains, the fields are still safe. There are future plans for the facility to expand and become an even more significant part of the equine world. There have also been events unrelated to horseback riding, such as RV shows and dog runs. In the future, the grounds might be home to a 5K mud run.

Where to Stay in Ocala

If you love horses, you should visit Ocala. But first, you need to find out where to stay in Ocala. Contact us at the Eqqus Inn and reserve your room today.

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