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What Should You Bring for a Day at the Springs?


What Should You Bring for a Day at the Springs?

If you’re planning a day at the springs in Ocala, you should pack accordingly. Follow these tips and bring everything you need for the best possible day.

1. Your Bathing Suit

For a day at the springs, a bathing suit is a must. In fact, you shouldn’t even bother packing your suit. Wear it under your clothes. When you arrive, you can jump right in and cool off.

2. A Towel

Of course, you should also pack your own towel. You’ll need something to dry off with, and there might not be a shop nearby. It’s always a good idea to pack an extra towel or two. This is especially useful in the cooler months. There’s nothing worse than a wet towel on a cool day.

3. Water

While there will be plenty of water for swimming, there won’t be much for drinking. Pack some water bottles. If you want to keep your water cold, consider buying a reusable container that keeps things cold for at least 12 hours. If you plan on doing some swimming or hiking, you’ll need as much water as you can get.

4. Snacks

Even if you don’t plan on having lunch at the springs, you should pack some snacks. You’ll want to keep your energy up, so think about packing some healthy snacks. Hummus and chips, trail mix, and granola are great options.

Enjoying Your Day at the Springs

Ocala is unique in that it gives you access to several different springs. If you want to see one of them, contact us at the Eqqus Inn. Book your room now.

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