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Where to Eat in Ocala: Haeorum Foods Korean BBQ

Where to Eat in Ocala: Haeorum Foods Korean BBQ

When you think of where to eat in Ocala, you probably don’t think of a gas station location. However, there’s one gas station that’s home to one of the best local restaurants. Don’t let its location fool you- Haeorum Foods Korean BBQ is a top dining destination in Ocala.

About Haeorum Foods Korean BBQ

Haeorum Foods Korean BBQ brings Korean food to Ocala. While it has some upscale and elegant dishes, it also has casual Korean street food. Whether you’re looking for a fancy meal or a quick snack, the restaurants deliver.

The establishment is family-run. Many of the dishes contain Korean staples, like garlic, sesame, red peppers, and ginger. And although there is a focus on creating great food, there’s also a focus on creating a sense of community. Traditional Korean meals are communal, and this dining establishment strives to capture that same collaborative nature.

On the menu, you can find several tasty appetizers. They have egg rolls, kimchi pancakes, and dumplings. Their entree menu has traditional staples, such as bibimbap and galbi bob. There are even some specialty dishes. If you don’t know what a dish is, the menu does a great job of explaining it.

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