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Where to Go Off-Roading in Ocala

Where to Go Off-Roading in Ocala

If you have an ATV or a Jeep, you should make your way to Ocala. The area is ideal for those who want an off-road adventure. Find out where you should go off-roading in Ocala.

Ocala National Forest

For off-roading in Ocala, there’s only one place you need to know about. Ocala National Forest is the ideal place to drive through some mud and sand. With hundreds of miles of trails available, there’s plenty for you to explore. You’re not likely to encounter too many problems, with the exception of the occasional deep sand and muddy pits.

You do need to drive with caution. First, you should be respectful of the signs. Be sure to comply with all posted signs and follow the park’s rules. Additionally, you should only hit the trails with one or more people. If you get stuck, you may need their help to get out.

There are many campgrounds in the park for you to set up camp for the night. For a real adventure, you can try off-roading in the dark. Once again, you should be sure to follow the rules and be respectful of nature.

Ocala National Forest has over 387,000 acres of trails. Even if you don’t have a vehicle for off-roading, you can still walk the trails or bring a bicycle.

To explore the forest for yourself, you need to reserve a hotel in Ocala. Call the Eqqus Inn and book your room today. Then, prepare to get muddy on the trails.

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