• Dani Gallagher

Which Luggage is Right for Your Ocala Vacation?


Before you start packing for your Ocala vacation, think about what type of luggage you should bring with you. With these tips, you can be certain to use luggage that makes your trip more enjoyable and convenient than ever.

1. Pick a Luggage Size That’s Just Right

You don’t want your luggage to be too small or too large for your belongings. If you’ll only be staying in Ocala for a short time, consider packing your belongings in a backpack or duffel bag. But for a long trip, you’ll want to use a large suitcase that can fit everything you need for a fun vacation.

2. Think About the Quality

You could buy a cheap suitcase that will only last for one vacation, if you’re lucky. But quality matters, and you probably don’t want to be buying a new set of luggage every time you take a trip. Before you make a purchase, consider the quality of the luggage.

3. Be Sure You Can Get Around Well

Making your way through an airport is no easy task. If your suitcase isn’t maneuverable, getting around is even more difficult. You can simplify your travels by using luggage that is easy to move. It should have a comfortable handle and wheels that move freely.

Packing for Your Ocala Vacation

Once you choose your luggage, you can begin packing for your Ocala vacation. Here at the Equus Inn, we’re eager to host you. Call us today and reserve your room.

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