• Dani Gallagher

Why People Choose to Vacation in Central Florida

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There are many popular cities for tourism in Florida. While you may know of places like Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, you might not be familiar with Central Florida. Find out why you should consider taking your next Florida vacation in Central Florida. Ocala could be the ideal spot for your next trip.

The Nature

Florida nature is unlike nature anywhere else in the country. But in the more populated areas of the state, there isn’t much nature left. To make way for more hotels and apartments, cities have turned forests into civilization. However, Ocala is less developed than other parts of the state. You can enjoy nature without the hustle and bustle of traffic.

The Culture

Central Florida, namely Ocala, has its own culture. Where else in the state can you find Indian basket weaver artwork or horse stables scattered throughout the city? Ocala has strong farm roots and a rugged way of life. But it still has an appreciation of art and theatre. The combination makes the city a unique place to visit.

The Affordability

If you’re interested in taking a Florida vacation, affordability matters. Fortunately, an Ocala vacation won’t destroy your budget. You can stay at the Eqqus Inn and save money without compromising your comfort. Furthermore, all of the free outdoor activities can prevent you from spending too much money on tourist attractions.

If you’re ready to make your travel plans, call us at the Eqqus Inn. Book your vacation today and you can see why so many people love Ocala.

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