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You'll need to Know This When You Visit Ocala Farmer’s Market

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Flowers at a Farmers Market

What You Should Know About the Rolling Green Ocala Farmer’s Market

When most people think of a farmer’s market in Ocala, they think of the Downtown Farmer’s Market. But that’s not the only market in Ocala. If you are interested in checking out another market, you should consider visiting the Rolling Greens Farmer’s Market.

About the Rolling Greens Farmer’s Market

This market takes place on Wednesdays. It runs from 9am to 1pm and is sponsored by Cove Communities.

At the market, you can find something for everyone. There are food trucks, farmers, artisan foods, and crafts available for purchase. But you can go every week and still be surprised. The vendors are rotating, which ensures you always have something new to explore.

Still curious about what you can buy at the market? In the past, there have been honey vendors, soap vendors, Caribbean food, lemonade, and pierogies available for purchase. To learn more about all the vendors, you should check out the market for yourself.

The market takes place at 1901 SE 58th Ave, Ocala. It’s at the sales office of Rolling Greens Village. That said, the market is open to the public.

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