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Your Guide to Ocala: The Tuscawilla Park Historic District

No guide to Ocala would be complete without a mention of the Tuscawilla Park Historic District. Made up of over 20 acres, the area is home to 37 historic buildings. Since 1988, the neighborhood was made a part of the National Register of Historic Places.

Tuscawilla Park Historic District

About the Tuscawilla Park Historic District

This neighborhood is unique in that it has made a significant impact on the city of Ocala in many ways. Commercially, architecturally, politically, and culturally the area has played a major role in history. Some of the existing buildings date back to 1877.

Located in an area just northeast of historic downtown, Tuscawilla Park is currently a residential neighborhood. Between the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was developed by businessmen, politicians, and Jewish leaders. In fact, the oldest existing building in the state of Florida is the district’s synagogue.

Most of the other historical buildings in the area are homes. Unlike many other historical areas, this one doesn’t just feature one style of building. Rather, it features all of the following styles:

  • Colonial Revival

  • Georgina Revival

  • Queen Anne

  • Second Empire

  • Bungalow

  • Carpenter Gothic

Although not all of the homes are in their former glory, some have been well-maintained. The others still demonstrate their unique styles and are a valuable piece of history.

Your Guide to Ocala

While visiting Ocala, you should stop by the Tuscawilla Park Historic District. Whether or not you're a lover of history or architecture, the neighborhood will give you some insight into Ocala. Stay with us at the Equus Inn and learn even more about the city.

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